“It’s the most won-der-ful time of the yeeeeaaaar!” Or at least we think it is... No apologies to all the Grinch’s and Humbugs out there, we love a bit Christmas cheese! The season of gift-giving and all things Christmassy has come around again, and you may be thinking, what on earth do I get that vegan friend or colleague in my life?! You may think buying gifts for vegans is tricky, but if you know what to look for, you’ll find that there’s an abundance of lovely gifts out there to give to your favourite people. We’ve done a round-up of some delicious edible gift ideas which are great for a secret Santa or as a stocking stuffer. We've separated some of our favourite gift options into sweet, savoury and drinks.



Probably one of the most commonly gifted things has to be chocolate, it really does go hand in hand with Christmas. And vegans love chocolate just as much as the next person. From supermarket free from ranges to the more niche artisan products you can find online and in health food shops, there have never been so many tasty chocolatey treats out there for vegans to enjoy. 


If you've got a tighter budget then supermarket own brands are a great option. Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury's have some delicious vegan chocolate, including some Christmas themed products too.


If you're looking to get something a little more special, then we think there's nothing better than a box of Booja Booja truffles. They come in all kinds of flavours such as Hazelnut Crunch, Almond Salted Caramel, Espresso, Fine de Champagne, Stem Ginger, and our new favourite flavour, Honeycomb Caramel. They're wonderfully rich and creamy and definitely make it onto the list of the best truffles we've ever had! They always go down a treat with vegans and non-vegans alike and are sure to put a smile on the face of anyone receiving this as a gift this Christmas.


Booja Booja

Honeycomb Caramel, Six Truffle Pack, £3.79

Find in Holland and Barrett, Waitrose & local health food shops


Another fantastic brand you can get vegan chocolate from is Hotel Chocolat, and with stores across the UK, it isn't too hard to get your hands on either. They have a large range of vegan-friendly dark chocolate products including truffles, bars and drinks. We especially love all their Christmas themed products, such as their dark chocolate advent calendar and this beautiful chocolate snowflake. To make things easier, all their vegan-friendly products are clearly labelled on the front of the packaging, so you can quickly find that chocolatey treat you're looking for. Hotel Chocolat isn't particularly cheap, with this snowflake costing £5. However, their products make a lovely gift if you've a got a slightly higher budget.


Hotel Chocolat

Dark Chocolate Snowflake, £5


Here are some other great brands to look out for:

  • Lindt

  • Montezuma

  • Divine

  • Vego

  • ichoc

  • Candy Kittens


If your secret Santa doesn't have a particularly sweet tooth then don't worry, as there a plenty of yummy savoury things you could gift a vegan. Before I was vegan my friends and I always used to give each other cheese at Christmas - it was a bit of a luxury in our student days! I think it makes for a great gift, especially if you get something a little fancier. Now there's definitely a bit of controversy when it comes to vegan cheese, I think it's got a bit of a bad rep. I don't blame people for thinking vegan cheese isn't the best as there really is a lot of bad products out there. However, there are some lovely gems that we personally think are delicious. A really good affordable and accessible brand is Violife. You can find their cheese in nearly every supermarket, and we think they definitely make the best vegan cheese that's sold on the high st. This Christmas they've brought out a special cheese board selection - perfect as a gift, or just as a treat for you and your family this Christmas.



Three cheese selection (Cranberry After Dinner, Herbs, Smoked) £5.99

Buy in Wholefoods, Waitrose, Sainsbury's


Here are some other great products to look out for:

  • Tyne Chease

  • Nutcrafter Cheese

  • Crackers

  • Preserves

  • Nice oils

  • Flavoured salts

  • Vegan pasta


Another safe bet when gift giving is always alcohol! Although a lot of alcohol isn't vegan due to the filtration process, there are a lot of brands that do make vegan-friendly tipples to suit any taste bud. We've been wanting to get our hands on this next product for a long time now, and finally, we had an excuse! Vegan Baileys!! Baileys have created a dairy-free alternative to their classic beverage using almond milk, and oh boy it is delicious! I always associate Baileys with Christmas, as it was one of the first alcoholic drinks I was allowed to try when I was little around Christmas time. Not only is the Baileys Almande delicious, but it comes in a beautiful bottle too, which only makes it even more of a special gift. It does cost more than your bar of chocolate, so would suit you if had slightly more money to spend. It would certainly be one happy bunny to unwrap this on Christmas Day!


Baileys Almande

Find in most supermarkets, £20.00 (check in different stores for special offers)


Alcoholic drinks aren't the only kind of drinks vegans can enjoy. Luckily we're not that restricted in this area and can enjoy lovely teas, coffee and hot chocolate. This is also a great option if you're looking to spend a less money. We think a lovely gift idea would be a luxury hot chocolate - perfect for snuggling up with on cold wintery evening. We headed to Whittards to check out the hot chocolate selection as we knew most of them were vegan. They have loads of different flavours including this amazing salted caramel hot chocolate. This isn't the kind of thing I would buy for myself as it's a bit more of a luxury item, which is why I think it makes such a lovely gift. 



Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate, £6.50


We hope this post has filled you with ideas for tasty vegan gifts - Happy Christmas shopping!

If you’ve found our tips helpful, we’d love to know! Leave us a comment below, or find us on social media.




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