We’ve had the most glorious weather here in London the last few weeks! The sun’s been shining, and we’ve been making the most of it by slapping on the factor 50 and heading out for the day. Being British, we found any excuse to have a BBQ, and even ended up having 2 in one day last weekend. Trust me when I say, having a BBQ for breakfast is the way forward! When we’re not BBQ-ing at every possible moment, we usually end up going for a walk around our local area, where we end up sitting half in and half out the shade of a tree somewhere in a park. Freya loves soaking up rays in the full sunshine, whereas I am white as a sheet and burn like a vampire! As much as we love the local area where we live, there is something quite exciting about being a tourist in your own city, and there in probably nowhere easier to do this than in London. So we thought to ourselves, where would we send a vegan tourist to for an afternoon in London? The answer was Camden Market!



Camden Market is such a great tourist destination for anyone, but it’s especially great for vegans. We had already been to Camden a couple of times before, so knew the vegan food options were abundant. But it wasn’t until we started researching for this post that we realised just how much of a hotspot for vegan food Camden really is! In KERB food market alone there are so many traders either serving a full vegan menu or catering to a vegan diet: Club Mexicana, Sonita’s, and Maize Blaize to name a few. But looking around Camden Market in its entirety, you will find plenty of different vegan foodie spots. It’s not often that a vegan is spoilt for choice!



Although it’s not an exhaustive list of all the vegan food in Camden, here is a little shortlist we put together that you may find useful:


FV = Full Vegan Menu | VO = Vegan Options



The first thing we ate when we arrived was the Tofish Tacos from Club Mexicana in the KERB food market. Club Mexicana make the most amazing food, and we have had the pleasure to try it quite a few times before, however we had never tried their Beer Battered Tofish Tacos. For £7 you get two tacos with the Tofish “Served on a soft blue corn tortilla and topped with pickled cabbage, salsa verde, sour ‘cream’, salted chilies, fresh coriander and a slice of lime.”



It was unbelievable delicious, the tofish was perfectly moist and full of flavour, and definitely has the taste and texture of fish. Some people might find this off-putting, but we loved it! The only downside is that for your £7 it will leave most people hungry and wanting more. You could upgrade it to a meal at £10 adding a drink and tortilla chips topped with all sorts of deliciousness. However, if you are feeling extra hungry, for the same price you could get the larger BBQ-pulled jackfruit burrito meal with the drink and chips which is also delicious.



For our second, but by no means lesser choice, we opted for a burger from V Burger. Again for £7, we chose the delicious sounding Up-beet burger: slow roasted British beetroot and quinoa patty, served with smoked tomato relish, lettuce, tomato, dill gherkins, sliced red onion, and topped with a garlic and chive aioli. We ordered this with an extra slice of vegan cheese for £1.50 and a side of sweet potato fries at £3.50 coming to £12.00 in total.



In my mind this must be one of the best takeaway burger spots in all of London. The beetroot and quinoa patty had such as nice sweetness to it. Couple this with the smoked tomato relish and you have a little bun of heaven. The sweet potato fries we ordered on the side were so crispy and cooked to perfection. As we were ordering the staff were so friendly and accommodating. The only thing I would say about the burger is that the bun could have had a bit more resistance to it. As is often the case with vegan burgers, it did get a bit soft and mushy. That being said, I will definitely be coming back to try their other burgers!



After polishing off these two delicious main meals, we decided it was time for a coffee and dessert. We headed over to Young Vegans to try one of their famously tasty mud pies. Between the two choice of the Peanut Butter And Chocolate Mud Pies and the Dark Chocolate Mud Pie Topped With Sea Salt And Pretzels (both gluten free) we chose the latter for only £3. It was the perfect way to finish off our feast! It was indulgent and chocolatey from the oozing chocolate centre, and had a nice salty bite to it from the pretzels on top. Although I would describe it more as cake like than a mud pie, it was absolutely delicious, and was the best value out of everything we ate!




Camden Market





Have you ever been to Camden Market? If so, we’d love to hear what you thought. Leave us a comment, like, or share this post with your friends.






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Photograph of Freya and Charlie, the blog authors.


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