Whether you’re enjoying the latest blockbuster on the cinema’s big screen, or you’re snuggled up on the sofa watching an old favourite, there’s nothing quite like a good movie! It can be a thriller, romance or comedy, but I firmly believe that no film is quite complete without the right snacks! So what are the right snacks? Well, that depends on if you’re going to the cinema or staying at home. If you’ve decided to watch a film at home then you may have the time to whip something up. However, If you’re going to the cinema and are short on time then you’ll probably want to quickly pop into the shops to buy something. So to start, we’ve made a list of our favourite things that you can get in your local supermarket.



The ultimate movie snack! No roundup of cinema snacks would be complete without it, so obviously it had to make the list. Charlie and I like the sweet and salty flavour best, but if you’re feeling a little more adventurous you could try some of the Proper Corn flavours like peanut butter and almond or sun-dried tomato and chilli. There's one thing that you’ll need to look out for though; some popcorn brands do contain milk powder as an ingredient, usually the toffee flavours, so make sure to always check the back of the packet!






There's actually quite a large variety of vegan biscuits to choose from out there, which definitely came as a happy surprise as I immediately assumed they would be a complete no-go! Charlie's first choice is usually the classic chocolate bourbon, but my favourite would have to be the Tescos plain chocolate digestives. To say I was excited when I heard these were vegan is an understatement. They are exactly what I remember chocolate digestives to be, and always hit the spot when I'm craving something sweet and chocolaty. Some other delicious vegan biscuits to mention would be Fox’s Party Rings and Oreos, both slightly more expensive than the Tesco own brand, however, they are easier to find as they are stocked in practically every shop.







Chocolate Cereal:



This one may seem a little odd at first, but as soon as I discovered it, it became a game changer for me. There are so many cereals now that are basically mini biscuits! That’s why these work so perfectly. Our favourites are the chocolate pillow style cereal. They have a perfectly crunchy outside and a soft chocolatey inside. Don’t go for Krave though since they aren’t vegan. Instead look at the own brand choices. We find again Tesco to be a good choice. 









Of course, there are so many other choices, all of which would be perfect when going out to the cinema. In fact, most of these are great choices for watching a movie at home too. For instance, you can pimp up your dry chocolate cereal with a bowl, spoon, and plant milk! Who’d have thought it? In all seriousness, one of the best bits is having leftover chocolate cereal the next morning for breakfast...that is if we haven't finished it all in the cinema! 


So, what about if you have a little more time to get prepared. Well, we have some options for that as well.


Roasted Chickpeas:

This is one of our favourite snacks full stop. They are so easy to make, If you spread them across a baking sheet and cover with a little oil and salt, all it takes is around 30 mins in the oven on a high heat and you've got yourself a delicious crispy snack. After taking them out you can add any seasoning you’d like. Charlie and I usually go for a little salt, pepper and paprika. And they are pretty darn good for you. Unlike all the sweet stuff that we’ve already mentioned, roasted chickpeas are a great source of protein. Also, as a side note, they're the perfect addition to any salad or to replace croutons in a soup.





Sweet Potato Fries and Dip:

This one really sums up the luxury of watching a film at home. You can either make these super easily from scratch by cutting some sweet potatoes into large fries and baking them at a high heat for roughly 30-40 mins, no oil needed. Or you could choose the easy route and buy some oven bake sweet potato fries from the supermarket. Sainsbury’s offers a delicious ready to roast option with polenta and herbs. As for the guacamole, Charlie and I like it simple. Just mash an avocado with a little oil, salt and pepper and lime juice.





Anything else past this stage of cooking might as well be a full-blown dinner with a movie! This isn’t a bad option by any means, but it does require a little more effort! There's nothing quite like sitting down to a classic flick with a pizza, garlic bread and a glass of white wine. However, this is far beyond what Charlie and I can get away with calling a 'snack'. For the occasions when we can't wait to get stuck into the film, we find these quicker options are also great:

  • vegan candy

  • crisps

  • crackers with hummus

  • chocolate bars (we love Vego, Ombar, Booja Booja & supermarket dark chocolate)

  • nuts

  • fruit (apple slices with nut butter)

  • homemade pita chips

  • homemade popcorn

  • nachos with a delicious cheese sauce (link the words "cheese sauce" to our pantry post)

  • fruit selection

If you’ve found our tips helpful, or you’ve tried out any of our vegan cinema snack suggestions, we’d love to know! Leave us a comment below, or find us on social media.




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Photograph of Freya and Charlie, the blog authors.


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