I recently finished my photography degree a few weeks ago, which really has felt like a long time coming, as Freya and most of my friends graduated 2 years ago. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed my time at university, but the final push for the end, which culminated in my degree show, took a lot out of me! So for the last few weeks Freya and I have taken some much needed time for rest and relaxation. Luckily, this has coincided with the most amazing heatwave which we’ve really tried to make the most of. We went down to visit Freya’s mum in Cornwall, which is a place that I spent a lot of time in growing up, spending many summers camping down by the beach in Sennan, near lands end. On our way back to London we stopped to visit my parents in Bristol for a night to break up the long journey. You may already know that both Freya and I grew up in Bristol, so we have a really good knowledge of the city’s food scene. What we have noticed in the past year or so is the boom in places catering to vegan diets, one such place being Beets ’n Roots cafe.





Beets ’n Roots, a ‘Juicery & Organic eatery” is found half way down Cotham hill, a bustling area in Bristol packed with cafes, restaurants and charity shops. The immediate draw for us is its large decking seating area at the front which is such a lovely spot to sit in the sun and enjoy a coffee. The interior of the cafe itself isn’t huge but it does make up for it with it’s amazing outside space! It’s got a lovely atmosphere both inside and out, and a very laid back, slow paced feel to the place. We felt a lot of this was due to the lovely staff working there. They were all super friendly and really made us feel relaxed.





Although the cafe isn’t completely vegan, they are 99% plant based with pretty much all of their food being vegan friendly! It’s also not just vegan but very healthy too. They serve lots of delicious homemade juices and smoothies which we’ve tried before, so this time we went for something different. I started predictably with a black americano, which was a decent cup of joe. Freya tried something a little more exciting, opting for a golden milk on ice, which was a delicious turmeric and almond milk drink. Perfect for a hot summers day!





To eat, we decided to go for two small plates at £4.95 each: Tofu scramble with tomatoes served with flat bread and Avocado on toast, and to go with it we also got a chocolate smoothie bowl which was also £4.95.


I am a big lover of avocado on toast, so there is no surprise that this was my favourite. What I loved most about their take on it, was their addition of tahini which was used to replace butter on the toast. I’ve never eaten avocado on toast in this way before, the tahini added a really nice creamy and nutty flavour to the dish. The plate was finished with a peppery side salad with some lovely roasted cherry tomatoes, and then drizzled with a herby pesto dressing.





Freya said she enjoyed the “Chocosmooth Smoothie Bowl” the most. This is a thick choco smoothie base (raw cacao, date, banana, avocado, nut butter, coconut milk) topped with nutty granola, choco granola, goji berries, pumpkin seeds, apple, and banana. Before trying this, she always preferred to have a traditional smoothie as a drink, but this won her over because of the addition of the granola and chocolate. This made it feel like a more substantial breakfast.


Although it wasn’t our favourite, we still liked the tofu scramble. It was cooked with spinach, basil & garlic roasted tomatoes, and served with toasted flat bread. The flat breads were a great alternative for regular bread, as it made sure that the dish wasn’t too heavy. However we both agreed that the tofu could have had a little bit more flavour.




For under £15 for three dishes, we were impressed by both the quality and quantity, as we were completely stuffed afterwards. On the menu they are described as small plates that are perfect to share, which we would definitely agree with, however a single plate of food would be enough if you were looking for a light breakfast.



Beets ’n Roots is open every day of the week from 8.00 - 16.30 on weekdays, 9.15 - 16.00 on Saturdays and 10.00 - 15.00 on Sunday’s. It’s a lovely chilled cafe if you’re looking for a fresh juice to go or a healthy breakfast or lunch with friends or family.



  • Anyone looking for somewhere with great outdoor seating

  • People looking for fresh and healthy food


Beets n Roots

39 Cotham Hill, Bristol, BS6 6JY


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Photograph of Freya and Charlie, the blog authors.


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