We first reviewed the Plant Kitchen range from M&S way back in January of last year. We were impressed then by most of the items on offer, they seemed like a good alternative for when you're short on time and can't prepare something from scratch. I guess that's exactly the market ready meals are trying to fill, so good job there M&S. Since we last reviewed the range, the vegan market has grown massively and there are so many m...


Since starting Lovely Jubley just over a year ago, we’ve been posting vegan food content for you on this blog every week. Whether it’s a delicious new recipe or our favourite brunch spots, we've been committed to sharing our best vegan tips with you! As vegans, it's not just the food that we think about. Being vegan is a way of life for us, which involves choosing vegan-friendly products whenever we buy something at the checko...


When it comes to vegan cheese, it seems like people have a lot of very strong opinions on the subject. Whether you love or hate it, it's definitely a controversial topic. Many people find the whole idea of a 'fake' non-dairy 'cheese' really unappetising, and to be fair, a lot of vegan cheeses on the market are! What's different about Ferme Fermentino, is that it's not trying to replicate the flavour or dairy cheeses, but to be...


It seems that each month there's an announcement from a large chain about a new vegan product that's being released. It’s so exciting to see so many big brands supporting plant-based diets! This month, Marks and Spencer released their new vegan food range called Plant Kitchen, with more than 50 new vegan options. This range spans the full spectrum, including on the go foods such as the Sweet Biryani Wrap or the Roasted Vegetab...


If any of you saw our last post, you’ll know I’m a big fan of chocolate. Knowing I was going to miss out on delicious dairy milk was the hardest part of going vegan for me. There were times, soon after I’d become vegan, where I’d stand in the chocolate isle in the supermarket and just stare at all the packets of Maltesers and Cadbury bars thinking, ‘why can’t they all be vegan?!’ I’d completely resigned all hope to the fact th...

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We’re here to share our experiences of how simple, yet exciting it can be to lead a vegan life. Featuring everything from delicious recipes + restaurant reviews to fab vegan products + supermarket food finds.

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