Here in the U.K, it's currently Summer (aka BBQ season). On those rare, long, hot and sticky days, throughout the hazy afternoons on into the lazy evenings, you'll find the city parks alive with friendly chatter and that distinctive BBQ smell. Here in Bristol, we're so lucky to have Durdham Downs; a massive open grassy park that allows BBQs. I genuinely think BBQs are my favourite thing about summer. I've really enjoyed being...


Before the lockdown, one of our favourite things to do together was to go out for dinner, lunch or brunch. Whether we were trying out a new restaurant or returning to a much-loved cafe, it's something that we spent a large amount of our free time doing. A few months ago, our favourite date activity suddenly became impossible to do. So we began thinking about how we could recreate it at home by cooking up our favourite restaura...


I'm sure you've seen them everywhere, there's no denying that buddha bowls are popular! You can find them all over social media and they've been making their way onto cafe menus. All for a good reason too, they're one of our favourite easy weeknight meals since they're so customisable; perfect for throwing together leftover ingredients into a delicious dinner. We love them because they're super tasty, super simple and often su...


The big day is almost here, and if you're anything like us, you're not even remotely ready for it! We love this time of year; the celebrations, cosy family get-togethers and merry festivities with friends are, for us, what Christmas is all about. However, this time of year doesn't go past smoothly without a few stresses! There's always so much to organise and prepare for, and if you're vegan, it can sometimes seem just that li...


People often ask me what the hardest thing about being vegan is. I don't know about the absolute hardest, but I would say that one of the toughest things is not knowing where you can get a quick lunch when you're out and about. If you don't know where to look, finding a tasty (let alone nutritious) lunch can be a test.

Luckily for you, we've compiled a list of our personal favourite vegan-friendly spots. We're aware that not ev...


As Charlie and I don’t have our own garden, in summer we try to eat outside as much possible, whether that be an ice cream in our local park, or a fully planned picnic in the countryside. We often spend a lot of our free time out in London’s green spaces, trying out all the best picnic spots the city has to offer, but our favourite place has to be Hampstead Heath. It’s one of the largest green spaces in London with swimming po...


Personally, I love entertaining and throwing dinner parties! I love the anticipation and build up throughout the day, then, when people finally start tucking into the food that we’ve made, and you see the look of pure enjoyment on their face - I couldn’t think of anything better!

Being vegan doesn’t mean you can’t throw fabulous dinner parties for all of your friends, in fact, I probably do it more now than I did before. Think...

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Photograph of Freya and Charlie, the blog authors.


We’re here to share our experiences of how simple, yet exciting it can be to lead a vegan life. Featuring everything from delicious recipes + restaurant reviews to fab vegan products + supermarket food finds.

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