Bristol’s vegan scene has exploded recently, with new eateries opening every few months. This is great news for us, as we’ve just moved to the city, recently crowned vegan capital of the world! We’ve reviewed one of Bristol’s newest restaurants; Suncraft, a 100% vegan and gluten-free restaurant on Gloucester Road.


Pad Thai noodle salad with crunchy vegetables, bean sprouts & satay sauce

Dish Type: Main

Price: £8.50

Value: ££ (bec...


Charlie and I love Mexican food. We could eat it every day, it's so fresh and full of so much flavour. Getting the chance to go to Mexico and taste authentic Mexican food has just made me appreciate the cuisine even more than before! My first memories of what I thought Mexican food was, are nachos, chilli and burritos. It wasn't until I was much older that I realised this was not authentic Mexican food at all but was in fact T...


Unless you've been living under a rock this past week, you might've noticed that it snowed across most of England. To us Brits, this was a pretty major event. Flights were cancelled, schools were closed, and pretty much everything came to a grinding halt. Despite this, we thought it would be a great idea to travel across the country back to our hometown of Bristol! Since we were already there visiting family, we thought it wou...


One of our all-time favourite places to eat in Bristol has definitely got to be Cafe Kino. We've been coming here together since we first met on our art foundation degree, way before we were vegan, and we're still coming back almost 6 years later! Throughout this time, the quality of their food has been nothing but consistently excellent, which is probably why we keep on coming back! Although we no longer live in Bristol, it's...


I recently finished my photography degree a few weeks ago, which really has felt like a long time coming, as Freya and most of my friends graduated 2 years ago. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed my time at university, but the final push for the end, which culminated in my degree show, took a lot out of me! So for the last few weeks Freya and I have taken some much needed time for rest and relaxation. Luckily, this has coincided wit...


I would say I definitely have a love/hate relationship with London; there’s a lot I love about living here for sure, particularly the amount of amazing vegan restaurants, cafes, street food vendors and markets we can enjoy here. However, I’m sure a lot of you can relate to the feeling that London can be a little bit much at times, sometimes you just need to get out and unwind! When things do get a bit much, Charlie and I often...

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Photograph of Freya and Charlie, the blog authors.


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